CAD Services

Delivering a drawing that is more than a good looking print, our drawings are precise to a fraction of millimetre drawn to client specific CAD structure that can be linked to databases, material lists or area breakdowns, if you want more from your drawings we can deliver it.

Cells/ Block libraries

Creating libraries of the drawing content that you use the most can drastically reduce your drawing time streamlining the output from your drawing office.


Database linkages can enable you to extract material lists, quantities and item breakdowns in a spread sheet format to accompany your cad file adding intelligence to your drawings.

3D visualisation

3d visuals literally add another dimension to your drawing, we can produce visuals from hidden line renderings through to full photo realistic imagery and walkthroughs that can incorporate your lighting and material specifications to bring your ideas to life.

Vectorise - paper or PDF to CAD

From your existing paper drawings or PDF documents we can translate the your drawing archives into a useable cad format.

File translation/ Batch conversion

We can convert high volumes of drawings between software packages. Converting between dwg/dxf and dgn formats. We are familiar with all the pit falls of switching between software packages and can make the transition as smooth as possible.

Photo sheets

Photo sheets provide valuable visual reference. These can be as simple as photo portfolio or could be an electronic document with in-built interactivity for the purpose of communicating how your proposal may fit into an existing environment.

User Interface

Making the tools that you use most frequently readily available, we can optimise your existing CAD User interface to ensure that your drawing office is running as efficiently as possible.

VBA/ Macros

Macros process multiple tasks in one hit. The possibilities are endless when it comes to programming your software. We can tailor your CAD software to ensure that the job is made as simple and as quick as possible.