Surveying Services

A good survey is never a simple as measuring four walls. Our surveyors are trained to use their initiative, using all available references, taking dimensions from datum points, and ensuring that dimensions tie up across the survey area.

Measured Building survey

Using the latest Lieca laser technology we capture measurements to an accuracy of 5mm over a distance of 100metres on all of our building surveys.

Retail Survey

Our retail surveys can be tailored to meet your requirements we’ll capture detail ranging from promo locations through to shelving depth, heights and colours. Our impressive portfolio of retail surveys will illustrate our no comprise approach when it comes to the detail.

Partial Survey

Partial surveys can give you a high detail overview of an area for the installation of implementation projects or new initiatives. Detail can include services, ceiling heights and notes relating to any complications that you may encounter on site. We can produce proposals based on our on site findings.

Spot check survey

A cost effective solution to surveys, to sense check areas rather than carry out a measured area survey. This maybe a solution for you if a check list and a supporting set of photos will be sufficient for your requirements.

Delap survey

Delap surveys can be used to identify any areas of disrepair, ranging from floor and wall finish damage to identifying refrigerated cases that may need attention.

Merchandise survey

From product groups through to high level product detail we can capture your 'in store detail' to give you an accurate scheme of what's in your store

Elevation Survey

Interior, exterior, full colour in either CAD format or illustrator files suitable for your design treatments.

Site Survey

Our surveyors can access your site, including counting spaces, identifying special need parking, checking bollards, road markings and signage positions.

Topographical Survey

Topographical surveys can provide the next level of survey over our standard site surveys. We can provide spot heights and precise road layouts. Ideal for assessing access and egress works or site acquisitions.

Supporting drawings

We keep both a paper and photographic archive of all of our survey data for a period of 1 year after the survey - should there be any reason to query our survey. This not only covers us in the eventuality of issues on site but allows our clients to be able to cross reference our survey data - just for peace of mind.