Our largest project to date. The client set project brief was very elaborate for the install of such a small piece of equipment.

Our brief was to survey 400 stores in a four week period for the installation of a hot pie unit located in the existing snacking offer at the front of store.

The survey requirement involved locating the stores nearest distribution boards as the unit required a dedicated power supply, ceiling heights and distances were also key peices of information for the installs as this assisted the costings for the electricians. Helping determined if a scissor lift was required for the install.

Another of the benefits of completing the surveys was to gain early sign off from the store managers, consulting them as to where the unit may be best situated.

All existing shelving fixtures and fitting and merchandise specifications were checked and recorded for prompt installs and to ensure that the unit was housed correctly meeting the planning criteria.

The final drawings gave consideration to all contractors that would be using them, including shelving suppliers, electricians and the unit installation teams. With detailed notations and a breakdown of all of the survey requirements we also captured store the opening times and all delivery restrictions on the drawings to ensure that there were minimal complications when it came to installation on site

Once approved all drawings were uploaded to our clients internal database so that they were accessible to all parties involved in the project.

The project continued on from the initial 400 store roll out whereby the units were to be installed in to convenience stores. In order to comply with trading law we had to provide a far higher level of detail to cover the installation of a utensil sink within the existing bakery prep area.