Krispy Kreme have been making doughnuts in the USA since 1937 and have been selling them in the UK since 2003, with their first outlet based in Harrods.

A rapidly expanding company, Krispy Kreme now have 1000 employees and 47 stores around the country, and are looking to double in size over the next five years.

Red Tail Design to date have assisted in finding locations for standalone Krispy Kreme units in nearly 200 retail outlets nationwide. Our role has been to provide surveys and proposals detailing the existing retail areas for the unit to be installed within.

Our surveys help determine the most prominent and profitable locations for the Krispy Kreme Unit. We also provide detailed information about any possible installation issues on site and ensure that all parties give their sign off to any proposals created, avoiding any conflicts of interest that may hamper the Krispy Kreme delivery programme